Bargain Blog

Welcome to the Bargain Basement

My mother and I had a love of thrift stores in common. I can’t speak for my mother, but for me the motivation was a mix of my own bad taste and the certainty that I would leak ink on any piece of clothing I bought at full price.

Another thing my mother and I had in common was that we would always repeat back the price the store clerk had just told us. In a somewhat loud, always astonished voice. 

So this is my web equivalent of a bargain basement. A place to put the things I haven’t finished, am not satisfied with, hope to fix up with a bit more time. If I had my druthers, I’d love nothing better than to spend all my time coming up with ideas.  But I don’t, so here’s the place I’m going to put — either temporarily or to eternity — the stuff that isn’t finished yet.