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From: ed carlevale
Subject: Re: HKS website follow-up
Date: October 24, 2018 at 1:05:13 PM EDT
To: Thoko Moyo

Hi Thoko,

I wanted to follow up on the Web Strategy and Operations Manager position. Given that the position is still posted, I’m assuming that the search is continuing. There are few jobs I would say I’m exactly the right person for, but this is one of them. And somehow I didn’t make that case successfully when we met.

A friend suggested that in my interview with you, I had been pushing my own ideas, rather than addressing the responsibilities listed in the job description. I see this now. Supporting the work that others are trying to do — yourself, your team, and the 60+ content managers who depend on this fleet of websites to do their jobs — is precisely the aspect of the job that I feel uniquely qualified to fulfill, and most look forward to doing. The revelation of my job at the Parsons Lab was that, as Assistant Director, my job was to support the work of the 140 people in the building — faculty, students, staff. And I think if you visited there you would meet nearly 140 people who would say that I had succeeded.

But I think I perhaps focused on my own ideas because what the Kennedy School is trying to do, right and straightforward as it is, has no precedent in academic development, certainly not in the Boston area. Every doctoral dissertation opens with a literature review so that it is easier to see what is new in the candidate’s work. The equivalent here would be to describe what the Open Scholar team is planning for its Drupal 8 version, what the Harvard Medical School, Harvard’s Ed School, Radcliffe, Harvard’s Institute of the Environment, have all done, and are planning to do, with their own development strategies.They are all Drupal-based, and I can say for an absolute certainty that the result will be frustration. Just as I was able to predict ten years ago the strength and weaknesses of Open Scholar. As the Web Strategy and Operations Manager at the HKS, I can build a community of collaboration that doesn’t currently exist among these peer entities, so that we share skills and solutions to simplify and strengthen our individual efforts.

The Kennedy School has begun to put together the elements of a development strategy that will succeed — Drupal 8, hosting on Pantheon, engagement of a local outside development shop. Migration of existing websites to the new platform will be one of the key aspects for success in this position, and migration is one of my strengths, so that will bring significant financial benefits, as well as ensuring a more robust and maintainable outcome. There are dozens of similar skills involved in this position, and it’s that suite of skills that make me uniquely qualified to fulfill your expectations for this position. I would be honored by the opportunity to do so.

I would welcome the chance to address any questions you might have. And meanwhile, thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Ed Carlevale
(617) 866-0815

On Oct 4, 2018, at 3:45 PM, Moyo, Thoko <> wrote:


Thanks for the chat earlier. Here's a quick review of the immediate opening that we have:

The Web Strategy & Operations Manager serves as the product owner for the School’s public website. Responsibilities include overseeing the website strategy and operations, including managing the school's standards of practice and guidelines around web development and publishing. The Web Strategy & Operations Manager should be well-versed in modern content management systems, website optimization, and site performance. This role brings cohesion and consistency to the web content management practices around the school and establishes a community of information sharing and support for Harvard Kennedy School staff involved in website management.

The successful candidate will oversee all web projects and initiatives, including ideation, planning, production, and execution.

Core duties:
• Serve as the departmental lead on the management of website backlog and ongoing projects, as well as the departmental liaison with external vendors working on the website
• Partner with IT and external vendors on web development and advocate for end-user experience
• Evaluate and oversee change requests to the public website homepage and its top-level content
• Advise the school's 60+ web content managers on best practices, as well as provide training and support
• Handle content inquiries and questions pertaining to the use of the CMS from web content managers
• Advise on best practices for the web, including style guidelines and usability considerations with a primary focus to meet the needs of the end user
• Promote strong collaboration and appropriate division of responsibilities among the web team and other groups who help support the websites including OCPA, IT, and internal stakeholders
• Run periodic Google Analytics reports and work with Director, Digital Strategy to determine if the results should drive change
• Define and report on key performance indicators and other success factors to measure the impact of the public website

Basic Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree with atleast 5 years of digital and web experience
• Experience managing a Drupal website
• Experience in web governance, web content management systems, and content strategy
• Project management certification preferred
• Experience with HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Drupal, and content management systems required; Familiarity with PHP.

Thoko Moyo
Associate Dean for Communications and Public Affairs
Harvard Kennedy School
Tel: +1-617 495-9378(office)|+1 202 641 2766 (mobile) |Skype: Thoko.Moyo6216
Scheduling:| @Kennedy_School

From: ed carlevale
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2018 12:23 PM
To: Moyo, Thoko
Subject: HKS website follow-up

Hi Thoko,

Thank you for touching base on Linked-In. I’m all-aboard with any help needed on the HKS site. I’d be happy to meet with you at your office or set up a phone call.

Can you give me a heads up about the type of work needed?


Ed Carlevale
(617) 866-0815


Extraordinary comment/suggestion from NSE Administrative Officer Peter Brenton.

He asked if we could have coffee over in the Stata Center. Er, sure. "I could lose my job for telling you this," he said. "But there's just no future for you at MIT. You should leave." I was flabbergasted and flummoxed, and, somehow, touched that he felt it worth risking his job to give me this heads up. I tried to get more information from him, to find out at any rate what he was responding to, but I never learned anything more than that.

Now, of course, I see this as one of the first warnings that there was something in my personnel file, though I had mno idea what it might be.