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Our focus - working with job coach

From: Edmund Carlevale
Subject: Our Focus
Date: April 2, 2018 at 9:24:06 AM EDT
To: Alane Shanks


I found the five questions you asked to be extraordinarily helpful in terms of clarifying and focusing my goals. Now I’m trying to work out the best focus for our work given the specific deadlines I’m facing. Specifically:

  •  today I’m meeting with my boss, the laboratory director, to map out a job/promotion strategy. We have a great relationship but we disagree about virtually everything.
  • Wednesday I have my review with the administrative officer of the department and the personnel officer. The latter is a bully, and it is her job I’ll be applying for.
  • the job I intend to apply for, administrative officer, has been posted a month and presumably the application window will close any moment now
  • the job I want is to remain in my current position, but to be given a serious promotion and raise (from 60K to 85K), and taking on more of the responsibilities of the AO position (salary 125K).

What I realized about my career is that I’ve never gained the support of a mentor. I know very powerful people who will write strong recommendations for me, and that’s not a little thing. And I have a body of work that is second to none, at least in regard to the positions I apply for. But I never engender anyone's support as a mentor. And I can see the same dynamic taking shape as I build my case in the present case.

It will be virtually impossible for you to get up to speed with the specifics of my present circumstances, in time to best advise me through the process. But I need the coaching that you provide.

What do you suggest as the most efficient step forward for us?




Ed Carlevale
Building Manager, Parsons Laboratory
for Environmental Science and Engineering
Office: (617) 253-6569