Emails (pdfs)

Our meeting today

From: ed carlevale

Subject: Our meeting today

Date: August 23, 2018 at 10:14:29 AM EDT

To: Lianne P Shields

CC: Lorraine A Goffe, Peter H Brenton

Dear Lianne,

I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you this morning. The phone call from Michelle Coyne last week, however, has truly unnerved me. Not only do I face a new accusation of threatening behavior, I’ve been warned to “stay away from CEE buildings.” And the other things that Michelle said are so inappropriate, unprofessional, and hurtful, that it’s difficult to frame any useful reply.

When Bori had my MIT email shut off for a second time a few weeks ago, I reached out to NSE Administrative Officer Pete Brenton to sponsor my guest account, because I’m working with Neil Todreas on a book project, and because I worked in NSE for for 10 of my 27 years at MIT.

Bori and Pete are friends, or more likely, he felt Bori had reasonable grounds for turning off my email. In any case, on Monday called to say the email wouldn’t be restored at present. And Pete called me to explain this. That seems so simple. I’m sure it would be your first thought. But from first day to last, and now four months afterward, there hasn’t been a single conversation with CEE Headquarters about these extraordinary events that have trashed my reputation and taken away my MIT career.

Anyone with a long association with CEE, as I have, will immediately note the way that the desks in CEE Headquarters have been re-arranged. And all the partitions and screen that used to provide privacy have been removed. The CEE communication team doesn't interact with each other, they face forward like children in a kindergarten, facing their teacher.

Angela has said that Markus has spoken to her on multiple occasions in regards to the way that she speaks to the staff. What are Markus’ concerns? A Headquarter's staff person told me that Angela makes her “cry at least once a week.” And amazingly, she didn’t seem to have a problem with this. She was just trying to say that she knows Angela can be a handful.

I have no idea what lies behind the extraordinary animus I have faced from CEE Headquarters. It seems reasonable to ask if bias is involved. CEE Headquarters consists of Markus and 8 women (or did until recently, when a male staff member was hired). The demographics of CEE Headquarters, the professional and appropriate nature of my actions, and the 27 years of extraordinary evidence to the contrast, that that bias might be involved. But apparently I’m alone in that thought.

Provost Schmidt, Chancellor Barnhart, and Vice President are working together on MIT’s policy regarding harassment and appropriate behavior toward women. Please ask me sometime about the things I have done over the course of my 27 years at MIT on behalf of women. That avails nothing in the face of accusations from people with whom I’ve never wormed. But truly, I am part of the ecosystem that sustains the Provost’s, the Chancellor’s, and the Vice President’s work.

I don’t think I would be able to say this coherently in our meeting today, which is why I’m emailing to cancel our meeting. And the extraordinary thing about being accused of threatening behavior, is how readily all behavior can be seen through that lens. So if I should be flustered or frustrated in any way during our conversation, that becomes part of the argument against me, apparently with no end in sight.

The good news is that virtually every aspect of this story, from my first day with CEE to the present, is expressed in emails. So I’m putting this together and will leave it with VP Goffe, and will let go any effort to rebuild my reputation or career at MIT.

Sincerely yours,
Ed Carlevale