Emails (pdfs)

"Space update" -- Dec 12, 2017

From: Ed Carlevale
Subject: Space update
Date: December 12, 2017 at 11:00:07 PM EST
To: Philip M Gschwend
CC: Harry Hemond, Penny, Heidi Nepf, Martin F Polz, Allison Coe, John K MacFarlane, Otto X Cordero, "Serguei Saavedra"


There’s no gentle way to say this: I’ve started cleaning the Parsons Lab. You are going to be dismayed. You will each feel that I’ve singled you out either for neglect or attack. It isn’t true. So before any hasty words are spoken, please think back over the past year and recognize how carefully I’ve laid the ground work for this difficult day, by gaining your trust and good will. In other words, unlikely as it may seem right now, you have every reason to hope that everything will turn out well.

What I started tonight:

* After talking with Allison, I moved unused boxes of stuff out of the autoclave room. Allison is going to follow up with you to determine the fate of the tall oven and the three-piece vacuum machine.
* I moved Harry’s submarine temporarily to Roman’s old lab. I think it should be displayed prominently somewhere in the Parsons Lab in the way other departments display ships, etc, with a corresponding photo gallery of its various excursions. I moved the flatbed dolly to the machine shop so I can fix the flat tires.
* I emptied all but two shelves and drawers in the kitchen and cleaned the cabinets. I’ve found a decently-priced replacement hardware and intend to replace all the hardware. There’s a new microwave, the old dirty underpowered microwave is presently searching for a new home.
* I moved one tall cabinet out of the Field Room, and tomorrow will bring it down to the machine shop (thank you Heidi).
* I’ve temporarily moved some of Heidi’s motors and field equipment out of the Field Room so that I can focus on reorganizing the Field Room, and will move it back or elsewhere when I’m done.

Everything that I’ve moved can be moved back, if that’s what you decide you want. But I needed to make a start of some sort.

Hand in hand with this is working with housekeeping and Diane regarding how the lab gets cleaned. I’m beginning to have a schedule for what gets cleaned and when and hopefully that will lead to a more consistently clean lab.

Finally, Allison had a brilliant idea of proposing that the second floor Men’s Room be renovated into a unisex bathroom, and I think that would make a great addition to the already-strong CRSP proposal.


Mr. Clean.

Ed Carlevale
Building Manager, Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory
For Environmental Science and Engineering, MIT
Bldg-Rm 48-216F; (617) 253-6569