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The only good thing to be said about being accused of threatening behavior and cyberstalking is that it gives one permission to publish all of one's emails.

I'm very happy to do so, for several reasons...

April 10, 2018

  • 7:03pm

    From: Gabriel E Leventhal
    Date: Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 5:03 PM
    Subject: Vote of confidence for Edmund Carlevale
    To: Markus J. Buehler
    Cc: Angela R Mickunas

    Dear Professor Buehler,

    It has come to the attention of the below-signed postdocs, graduate students, and other members of the Parsons community that Edmund Carlevale will be leaving his post as Assistant Director of Parsons. Although we do not know the specifics that led up to this event, we wish to express our surprise and disappointment given our shared view that Edmund’s work has had a positive effect on and benefitted the Parsons community.

    Edmund has brought vision and vigor to his work in Parsons that is evident in the improvements throughout the building. These improvements are heartily welcomed by many in the community as an effort to improve both the quality of the workspace and the face that this building presents to guests and visitors who come here to engage with this intellectually open, innovative, and forward-looking community. There is a shared sense among us that the energy and dedication that Edmund has brought to his mission here is unique, and that if allowed to stay on and continue his work, he will continue to bring change to Parsons that will benefit the whole community for many years to come.

    Moreover, Edmund has impacted the Parson’s community far beyond what would normally be expected of him. Edmund serves as a valued source of support for much of our community—especially students. He smiles and greets us when he sees us around the lab and asks us how our work is going, always offering to help however he can. Edmund has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist people during late hours and weekends and has spread his enthusiasm and cheerfulness to create a better working environment for the community.

    We sincerely hope that there is a place in this process for the Administration of CEE to take under consideration this strong vote of confidence for Edmund by the Parsons community. We would also like to highlight that many of us have also previously noted our appreciation for Edmund’s contributions in nominating Edmund to receive the CEE Excellence Award. We ask that these also be considered as a reflection of his impact on the community.

    Yours respectfully,

    Aaron Chow, Postdoc, Adams Lab
    Ali Ebrahimi, Postdoc, Cordero Lab
    Andrew Feldman, PhD Student, Entekhabi Lab
    Angela Cacciola, MS student, Gschwend Lab
    Anjuli Jain Figueroa, PhD Student, McLaughlin Lab
    Bruno K Rodiño Janeiro, Postdoc, Polz Lab
    Caihong Tang, Visiting student, Nepf Lab
    Clovis Daniel Borges, Postdoc, Polz lab
    David VanInsberghe, PhD, Polz Lab
    Dayang Wang, PhD Student, Adams Lab
    Desiree Schmitz, Visiting Student, Cordero Lab
    Dr. Stefan Thiele, Affiliate, Polz Lab
    Fabiola Miranda-Sanchez, Postdoc, Polz Lab
    Fatima Aysha Hussain, PhD candidate , Polz Lab
    Flora Su, Alumnus, Heald Lab
    Gabriel Leventhal, Postdoc, Cordero Lab
    Hayley Gadol, PhD Student, Kocar Lab
    Idaly Ali, MEng Student, Harvey Lab
    Irene Hu, PhD Student, Hemond Lab
    Ishita Shrivastava, PhD Student, Adams Lab
    Jakob Russel, Visiting PhD student, Cordero Lab
    James Rowe, PhD Student, Kroll Lab
    Javier Dubert, Postdoc, Polz Lab
    Jiarui Lei, PhD Candidate, Nepf Lab
    Jose Saavedra, Lab Manager, Cordero Lab
    Joseph Elsherbini, Graduate Student, Polz Lab
    Josh Moss, PhD Student, Kroll Lab
    Joy Yang, PhD candidate, Polz Lab
    Judy Yang, PhD student, Nepf lab
    Julia Schwartzman, Postdoc, Cordero Lab
    Julien Barrere, Visiting Student, Cordero Lab
    Kathryn Kauffman, Postdoc, Polz Lab
    Leonora Bittleston, Postdoc, Cordero Lab
    Luis Valentin, Lab tech, Cordero Lab
    Neha Mehta, PhD Student, Kocar and Harvey Lab
    Paul Berube, Research Scientist, Chisholm Lab
    Rachel Soble, PhD student, Cordero Lab
    Raphael Laurenceau, Postdoc, Chisholm Lab
    Ruud Janssen, Postdoc, Heald Lab
    Shaul Pollak, Postdoc, Cordero Lab
    Sidhant Pai, Phd Student, Heald Lab
    Simone Cenci, PhD student, Saavedra Lab
    Steven Biller, Research Scientist, Chisholm Lab
    Thomas Hackl, Postdoc, Chisholm Lab
    Tim Enke, PhD student, Cordero Lab
    Timothy Adams, MEng student, Eltahir Lab
    Tiziana Smith, PhD Student, McLaughlin Lab
    Xiaoqian Yu, PhD candidate, Alm/Polz Lab

April 5, 2017

  • 6:08pm

    From: Borislava Stoyanova
    Subject: CEE Administrators Luncheon and Workshop
    Date: April 5, 2017 at 12652647 PM EDT
    To: cee-supportstaff, cee-admins_all
    Cc: cee-fac , Ronnie Haas

    Dear CEE Administrators,

    In celebration of Administrative Professionals' Day 2017, you are cordially invited to a CEE Administrators luncheon and workshop on exceptional service to be held on April 24, Monday, from 12600 noon – 2600 pm in 1-131. We are thrilled to have a guest speaker from MIT HR, Ronnie HAAS, lead us through a workshop on excellence. The workshop objectives are:

    • Know your customers on campus and beyond
    • Build and maintain relationships with customers, including administrators, faculty, colleagues, and others with whom you work closely
    • Strategize ways to provide exceptional customer service to your internal and external customers

    Lunch will be served. Please RSVP attendance here by April 19. Thank you!


August 17, 2017

  • 6:13pm

    From: Dara Entekhabi
    Subject: Re:
    Date: August 22, 2017 at 5754723 PM EDT 

    To: Ed Carlevale, Philip M Gschwend
    Cc: "Sallie (Penny) Chisholm"

    Hello Phil and Penny,

    Ed and I met today and discussed the topics mentioned in the E-Mails last week and also discussed over the last few weeks and months.

    The path forward we arrived at is for Ed to use his nine months on the job so far to do a fresh re-assessment of the duties of assistant to the lab director. Then document these in a new proposed jobs-description or statement-of-work. This is welcome in my opinion since the existing description or statement is at least ten years old and copied from year to another without much modernization and updates. So a fresh look at what it takes to run this Lab is good.

    The statement-of-work or jobs-description would also include recommendations for: 1) how to split the position among multiple faculty and the Lab itself (what is limit of fragmentation of hours among tasks), and 2) HR designation of the employment level.

    I hope you agree. We can discuss this new description once the semester starts and folks are back in the Lab.


    Dara Entekhabi
    Professor, Bacardi and Stockholm Water Foundations Chair

January 12, 2018

  • 12:00am

    Subject: Diversity and the Parsons Lab
    Date: January 12, 2018 at 8:35:31 AM EST
    From: Ed Carlevale
    To: rmparsons-current


    I reflexively think of the Parsons Lab as a diverse environment. But heading into Martin Luther King weekend I realize we aren’t as diverse as one might hope. As a gay man, I would feel extraordinarily alone if I were the only person noting gay pride day in June. And so it might be for others on MLK Day. It’s worth a thought.


    Ed Carlevale
    Building Manager, Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory
    For Environmental Science and Engineering, MIT


March 28, 2018

  • 8:14am

    From: Ed Carlevale 
    Subject: A one-man-band can only do so much
    Date: March 28, 2018 at 7:14:14 AM EDT
    To: Jesse Kroll, "Colette L. Heald"

    Dear Jesse and Colette,

    I’ve asked IS&T to add the rmparsons-faculty@mit.edu mailing list to the Outlook calendars for the Macomber and Ippen Rooms, so that faculty can add and edit their own meetings. And I’m clearing space in the basement so that you and Ben and Dave and Desiree have the space you need for basement storage. I’m trying to make the unilateral moves that will make progress for everyone at Parsons.

    But I can’t do this in a void. I’ve asked again and again and again to meet with you to discuss building issues, and neither of you has made the time. Neither of you even feels the need to say hello. And a striking number of the people in your research groups feel the same. It all takes a toll, in a way that no one intends.

    My only goal with Spring Cleaning was to clear the broken, Vesuvius-covered equipment out of the basement. If that happens, an extraordinary amount of space at Parsons would be freed up. But if faculty are entirely silent and uninvolved in the process, then it leaves me to make unilateral moves, and as a consequence face extraordinary pushback from individual faculty. That is unfair to me, and it undermines the larger effort. Even a simple Good luck would have been helpful. But silence stops the process dead.

    Yesterday was horrendous, but bit by bit progress is being made — new blackboards, a new meeting room for postdocs, refinished conference tables, and lot more. So I am asking you to be engaged to whatever extent you can be. It makes a difference.



    Ed Carlevale
    Building Manager, Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory
    For Environmental Science and Engineering, MIT

  • 9:27am

    From: "Colette L. Heald"
    Subject: A one-man-band can only do so much
    Date: March 28, 2018 at 9:27 AM EDT
    To: Ed Carlevale 
    CC: Jesse Kroll, Angela Mickunis, Philip Gschwend

    Dear Ed,

    The content and the tone of this email are inappropriate.


    Colette L. Heald
    Associate Professor and Associate Department Head
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science

April 3, 2018

  • 8:31am

    Subject: A more productive path
    Date: April 3, 2018 at 8:31:59 AM EDT
    From: Edmund Carlevale
    To: Phil Gschwend, Angela R Mickunas, Markus J Buehler
    Cc: Borislava Stoyanova

    Dear Phil, Angela, and Markus,

    I am writing to complain of the way I have been treated, and am being treated. You each have contributed equally to the dysfunctional situation that is in the process of engulfing me. By any credible measure, my accomplishments over the past year and a half have been extraordinary, in the cleanliness, the functionality, the maintainability, and above all in the atmosphere of the Parsons Lab. But instead of being acknowledged and rewarded, I feel that my job is being threatened and my work belittled

    I don’t know what the solution is but I am concerned that we are on a path that will make everything worse. I dread tomorrow’s meeting with Angela, as all of the feedback I have received from her has been negative, and if she won’t tour the Parsons Lab, then she has no understanding of my accomplishments. I am also concerned that Phil, despite support for my work and our own positive relationship, doesn’t help make my work easier or more successful. Instead, it grinds to a halt just when I am at my most productive.

    I know that each of you believe an email like this is unhelpful. But it is helpful for me. I won’t be bullied, and I won’t allow my work to be belittled. If you ask, I will submit my two weeks notice. But if you want me to stay in my position, then we have to find a more productive and positive path forward.

    Yours sincerely,

    Ed Carlevale

April 4, 2018

  • 11:24am

    From: Jane Cote
    Subject: MIT
    Date: April 4, 2018 at 10:24:46 AM EDT
    To: Edmund Carlevale

    Dear Edmund,

    Martin told me about your email. I am really concerned about what you are doing to yourself by sending dangerous emails (please read the whole thing before you get upset with me for saying that).

    I totally understand that you would feel unappreciated and you need to defend your self respect against the slight of not getting a well deserved raise.

    I don't know if anyone told you, but they love you at Parsons and had nominated you for some kind of award at MIT. There are a lot of people who would be willing to stick out their necks out for you to get you a raise. My real worry though is that by sending emails you may have burned any bridges and sabotaged yourself. He said that he wasn't able to find you today and that Phil said there was a subsequent email from you to HR that was construed as borderline harassment. I feel like these emails are not a strategic way to get what you want. It feels to me like you need a safer space to vent the anger and hurt behind not getting the raise. I am home until 3 if you want to come over for coffee and vent. I'm worried that using email to deal with this is self sabotage and not in your best interest. I remember how hard it was for you to be without a job, and while I know MIT the organization is cold and mistreating you, I still think there is value in maintaining what you have built at Parson’s, you are really appreciated there, Martin talks about it often.

    I am here today if you need a friend. Love,


  • 3:04pm

    On Apr 4, 2018, at 3:04 PM, Jane Cote wrote:

    Hi Edmund,

    Iʼm glad you are feeling good about the decision, but I hope you will consider how you are treating others as you navigate your exit. It was upsetting to hear that your communications were taken as harassing. Iʼm sorry to keep advising, I know you didnʼt ask, but I think itʼs important and Iʼm not sure anyone else will give you that feedback. I hope we will see you soon. The boys have been really amazing lately.



August 15, 2018

  • 11:10am

    From: ed carlevale
    Subject: Re: "Red flags" in my Personnel file
    Date: August 15, 2018 at 10:10:51 PM EDT
    To: Lorraine A Goffe
    Cc: Nicholas Diehl, Peter H Brenton, Lianne P Shields

    Vice President Goffe,

    Kind thanks for your email and for recommending this path. I’ve only met Lianne once but in fact was going to reach out to her to ask if she would be an arbiter in this situation. I didn’t realize mediation was part of her job description but she made a strong impression on me as someone I would trust.

    I am available to meet at any time at Lianne’s convenience, with my preference being the earliest opportunity, including Thursday and Friday.

    Thanks again.

    Ed Carlevale

  • 6:09pm

    From: Lorraine A Goffe
    Subject: RE: "Red flags" in my Personnel file
    Date: August 15, 2018 at 5:09:21 PM EDT
    To: "edcarlevale@gmail.com"
    Cc: Nicholas Diehl, Peter H Brenton, Lianne P Shields

    Dear Ed,
    Sorry for the delay in responding to your email and voicemail message, however, I was out of the office.   I have spoken with my HR colleague, Lianne Shields, and have asked her to reach out to you to assist in addressing your concerns.
    Best regards,

August 17, 2018

  • 11:27am

    From: Lianne P Shields
    Subject: RE: "Red flags" in my Personnel file
    Date: August 17, 2018 at 11:27:52 AM EDT
    To: "edcarlevale@gmail.com"

    Dear Ed,

    I am very happy to meet with you to discuss your concern. While I know you’d like an earlier time, I’m afraid I am out a couple of days and then am a bit over-scheduled.

    Would  you be available to speak or to come in next Thursday morning, August 23, at 10:30?

    Thank you,
    Lianne P. Shields
    Director of Employee and Labor Relations

November 8, 2019

  • 7:11pm

    To: Colette L Heald
    Subject: Apology
    From: Ed Carlevale
    Date: Fri, Apr 6, 2018 7:25 AM


    I am genuinely sorry for my recent emails. I didn’t understand your reaction to my email of 3/28, and felt that by CC’ing your reply to Angela and Phil, you had threatened my job, which is indeed what happened.  But yesterday I started working with a coach whom I originally engaged to guide me through the process of applying for Angela’s position. Within five minutes she made me see that my present job is the job that I want, and within ten minutes she helped me to understand how my own communication skills had undermined my work.

    I hope that this misstep won’t get in the way of an effective working relationship. Small disagreements can become permanent impasses, and I’ve worked hard to avoid that, and will continue to do so.

    Kind regards,



    Ed Carlevale
    Building Manager, Parsons Laboratory
    for Environmental Science and Engineering

  • 7:14pm

    From: Ed Carlevale
    Subject: Endgame
    Date: April 3, 2018 at 6:08:48 PM EDT
    To: Phil Gschwend


    I’m playing bridge tonight and Endgame is a bridge term that refers to the last few tricks of the hand, when, even though you have powerful cards, your opponent finesses you to win the remaining tricks.

    In other words, you and I have to acknowledge that nothing is going to come of Friday’s meeting, except another vague waiting period when any decision is put on hold.

    You and I have been honest with each other throughout, so please let’s acknowledge that we don’t have the control here to I don’t bring about the outcome we want.

    I’ve started to move all my stuff out of the lab, and will have everything out by Friday. I urge you to focus on the tasks you want completed, at any rate accept the tasks that I feel are most needed. It is ludicrous to not have any notes for how to handle this position, who to call, and all the rest. If I do nothing else but leave guidance for the person who succeeds me, that would be a great deal.

    But I have a lot of maintenance projects in progress with Facilities, and bringing them to completion would be important.

    Thanks for everything, let’s get through the next two weeks with dignity and honesty.


  • 7:15pm

    From: Ed Carlevale
    Subject: Touching base
    Date: August 30, 2017 at 1:45:02 PM EDT
    To: Desiree Plata

    Hi Desiree,

    Phil said that you would be making your decision this week, so I wanted to add my two cents to why I hope you decide in favor of the Parsons Lab. I know a lot of this involves the nitty-gritty of negotiations, but there is also an intangible element of what feels right. Whether it was my place to or no, I’ve spoken to a lot of faculty to ask their feelings, and across the board you have their strongest support. You probably feel this most among the senior faculty that you know, like Phil and Penny and Martin and Dara. But it’s the same with all the others I’ve spoken to, and it’s that second group that will be shaping the future of Parsons, and much sooner rather than later. I think Parsons needs to evolve, so I am excited about how the Lab will evolve in the coming years. You have such a crucial role in that. You lead and unify, and that is a really unique power. You bring people together and lead them in the right direction.

    I feel that MIT itself is on the wrong track. It’s making the same important contributions it always has, and the world will always need them. But MIT is not shaping the important conversations in the way that it needs to. Your work is the leading edge of the way that MIT needs to change.

    Part of the unofficial mandate for me when I was hired in January, was to improve the overall atmosphere. I’ve had a significant impact in that direction. And all that will continue. But I also have very significant communication goals, and I feel this will have a crucial role to play in supporting your work. So much of your work is about building new relationships, and communicating across disciplines. I can help with that, and I’m committed a 150% to doing so. I’ve spent the past nine months building a structure that I frankly feel is second to none in the academic world, and now piece by piece it is going live.

    You’ll succeed wherever you are, and you’ll also be valued everywhere you work. But good golly, I really hope you and your team do it here at MIT, and I commit myself fully to supporting that.




    Ed Carlevale
    Assistant Director, Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory
    For Environmental Science and Engineering, MIT

November 9, 2019

  • 6:28pm

    Date: April 5, 2018 at 12:21:29 PM EDT
    From: Edmund Carlevale 
    Subject: Walking back
    To: Borislava Stoyanova 
    Cc: Phil Gschwend


    I had engaged a coach to help mentor me through the job application process for the AO position, and this morning we had our first session — obviously with a very different content than I had had in mind originally. But from first to last she pointed out how I contributed to the poor communication process. And she also made me realize what my first priority and goal is, which is to retain the job that I have. 

    I’ve reached out to Phil to ask if we could talk, but I also wanted to send this message to you, to let you know where things stand for me. Anything you can do to help us reach a positive outcome would be tremendously appreciated

    Much thanks.


  • 6:43pm

    From: Ed Carlevale
    Subject: Re: Vote of confidence for Edmund Carlevale
    Date: April 11, 2018 at 6:43:26 AM EDT
    To: Gabriel Etan Leventhal
    Cc: rmparsons-postdocs, rmparsons-gradstudents


    I’m incredibly moved by this letter. Thank you. The hardest part of my job has also been the piece that means the most to me, that I interact with the entire lab. And though I joke that the good morning hellos make me feel like a character in a sitcom, I also love it. After the last election I started picking up trash in the street. I was always too embarrassed to do that before. Not every little thing, just those big items like plastic bags and big plastic cups. I pick it up because it’s easy to do and it makes a difference. And it’s the same in the lab. The faculty I work for may be unnerved to hear, but there’s only one item in my job description as far as I’m concerned, and that’s to support the work of what other people are doing in the lab. I’ve struck out on a number of big time-sinks in that regard — getting the printers to work more simply (a fix for this is in the pipeline) and getting the lab’s intranet up and running (ditto) — but the larger picture is that things are coming together. I said to Neha yesterday that it’s been very clarifying to realize what one wants, and that’s what I realized about this job. Knowing that has been frankly worth what I’ve gone through to learn it. It’s also been clarifying to understand how my own mistakes have contributed to the problems I faced. Your letter is a real gift, just as your friendship has been, and I’m truly grateful for both.

    Tremendous thanks.



    Ed Carlevale
    Building Manager, Parsons Laboratory
    for Environmental Science and Engineering

  • 6:51pm

    Subject: Good cop/bad cop
    Date: September 9, 2017 at 12:35:55 PM EDT
    To: Philip M Gschwend 
    From: Edmund Carlevale 


    In many of our conversations you’ve suggested that we work as good cop/bad cop, and that’s the way it’s worked out: you set limits and I open discussion. But from the summer til yesterday, our time to talk has been essentially nil. And if you and I never communicate, nothing constructive comes of a good cop/bad cop dynamic. With the start of the new term my job has deteriorated into crisis management. I have no input into anything, but I have the responsibility for cleaning it up. That is the essence of my frustration.

    With the three hires that you announced yesterday, you’ve done more longterm good for the lab than anyone else, and achieving that offsets any other consideration. But if Dave and Desiree are going to get tenure, if they’re not going to walk into a divided dysfunctional environment, to say nothing of Ben and Serguei getting tenure, serious challenges have to be addressed immediately. One of them is your transition as Director in the coming years. Otto and Colette and Jesse are critical players. That’s why I’ve worked hard to build positive relationships with them, and with everyone else.

    Tomorrow I’ll send you and Penny and Dara the Assistant Director job description as I conceive it. It describes the work I’ve done over the past year, then reorganizes it to support the mission of the Parsons Lab. But this job description needs the support of the full Parsons faculty, then Markus and Angela. That is the approach I hope you take.

    This is not an easy position, but for some reason I’m good at it. Pat Dixon and Sheila played substantial roles at Parsons and I see myself along the same lines. But the unique thing I bring, aside from the fact that I like where many hats, is that I have enough history with Parsons that I can help build bridges, and that’s what’s needed most right now, first within Parsons, then between Parsons and CEE. When you read the job description you’ll see my strategy toward that goal. Either it gains your support or it doesn’t. But if none of this is along lines that you support, please let me know sooner rather than later, to spare us both the wasted effort.

    Finally, sincere congratulations for the three new faculty hires and thank you for your patience with me. I literally cried when I knew Desiree would be hired. I feel she will be a transitional figure at Parsons and CEE, and I want to be part of the team that makes that happen.



    Ed Carlevale
    Assistant Director, Parsons Laboratory
    for Environmental Science and Engineering

  • 6:58pm

    Subject: Making Bldg 48 a model system for MIT’s stated Sustainability goals
    From: Edmund Carlevale
    Date: April 6, 2018 at 7:45:26 AM EDT
    To: Phil Gschwend


    I’d like to send out an email this morning to Parsons — and possibly Bldg 1 too — inviting anyone interested to a discussion at 5pm today of the Provost’s Sustainability Report, and how we can brainstorm ideas for the Incubator Fund proposal due April 16. I’ll draft that email now and send it to you, but I wanted to give you a heads up first to get your thoughts. There’ll be a TGIF at 6, so a meetup for anyone interested in this from 5-6pm seems viable.

    We basically only have a week before the proposal is due, otherwise I wouldn’t push for a discussion right now. But this discussion will give me a chance to tie together and present a lot of the pieces that I’ve been working on at Parsons. The basic idea for the proposal will be physical improvements to Parsons tied to increasing energy efficiency, and to make Parsons a test model for MIT’s stated Sustainability goals.

    What do you think?


  • 7:00pm

    Date: April 7, 2018 at 1:36:00 PM EDT
    From: Edmund Carlevale 
    Subject: Formal request to rescind my notice
    To: Angela R Mickunas , Borislava Stoyanova 
    Cc: Markus J Buehler

    Angela and Bori,

    Thank you for the chance to speak with both of you yesterday. Though you are both doubtful that I’ll be able to remain in my present position, I remain hopeful, especially as I’ve begun to understand the mistakes I’ve made and correct the behavior that led to them.

    Yesterday you mentioned that I said I would apply for Angela’s position and changed my mind. That is true. I learned I had the support of Parsons’ faculty but was told the position was not the right fit for me. So I decided to remain in my present position. My hope was that I’d be appointed as Building Manager of Bldg 1 and promoted. I thought this would be discussed at my review on Wednesday. Then I understood this wasn’t the case, and, on top of that, one of my emails had been seen as a form of harassment. My inappropriate reaction to this led to my giving my notice.

    Miscommunication has bedeviled this process, and only miscommunication. I take full responsibility for that. But good intentions, effort, and valuable contributions, from all sides, have been at the highest level, from each of us. That seems the basis for a better resolution than the one we are now moving toward.

    Let me try to give a small example of what I bring to the Parsons Lab and what I hope to contribute to CEE.

    I’ve long been bothered by the mud around Bldg 1 in Killian Court. Phil says a lack of resources is involved. I strongly disagree. In fact, I would guarantee that I could work with MIT Grounds to make them take responsibility for fixing this, then work with MIT Facilities to repair whatever structural issue may be involved. There is certainly more to the problem than this, but this is where I would start. This is what I’ve done at Parsons and the results will begun unfolding, outside and inside, because of the relationships I've built with MIT Grounds and Facilities. Yes, resources certainly play a role, but more significant is time, interests, the relationships and networks that one builds over time.

    My only point is that each of us has their strengths and weaknesses. This is certainly true of me. My weaknesses are the flip side of my strengths. And this explains why Bldg 1 feels my abrupt decisions warrant letting me go while Bldg 48 believes my fresh ideas and significant productivity warrant my staying. This can be resolved through better communication.

    I am formally asking you to rescind my notice and allow me to remain in my present position.

    Sincerely yours,


    Ed Carlevale
    Building Manager, Parsons Laboratory
    for Environmental Science and Engineering

  • 7:04pm

    Subject: Apology
    To: Markus J Buehler, Angela R Mickunas, Phil Gschwend
    From: Edmund Carlevale
    Date: April 6, 2018 at 7:06:10 AM EDT

    Dear Phil, Angela and Markus,

    I am writing to apologize for my email of April 3. Whatever frustration I thought I was addressing, my effort to do so was misguided to the point of offensiveness. It was only through the patient explanations of friends whom I have known for a very long time that I was able to see this clearly, but I see it very clearly now. I am genuinely sorry.




    Ed Carlevale
    Building Manager, Parsons Laboratory
    for Environmental Science and Engineering
    Office: (617) 253-6569

  • 7:14pm

    From: Edmund Carlevale
    Subject: Presentation and ...
    Date: March 20, 2017 at 10:15:17 AM EDT
    To: Phil Gschwend, Martin F Polz

    Phil and Martin,

    I would like to ask your help with something — I can easily imagine myself becoming defensive during today’s presentation when questions, however valid, take me off-course or seem unhelpful. If you see me digging a hole, pls jump in with a question like, “Let me see if I understand what you’re trying to say…” That will give me a chance to catch my breath and regroup.

    Thanks tremendously.


  • 7:16pm

    Subject: Interview Request to Assist with Sustainability Implementation Design Forum
    From: Maggie Osthues
    Date: April 16, 2018 at 10:57:12 AM EDT
    To: Ed Carlevale

    Hello Ed,

    As Toby mentioned in his earlier email, I am reaching out to schedule an interview time in the next 2 weeks. Could you please share 2-3 times that would be convenient for a 30 minute interview prior to April 28?

    Once we have found a suitable time, I will send over a calendar invitation and share dial-in information.

    Thank you,


    Maggie Osthues
    Project Support Coordinator
    Consensus Building Institute

  • 7:18pm

    From: Gabriel E Leventhal
    Subject: Thank you for all your engagement
    Date: April 9, 2018 at 3:13:07 PM EDT
    To: ed carlevale 

    Dear Edmund,

    I think you were doing great things for Parsons, and I hope that much of what you did will be here to stay. It's no secret that you definitely "rocked the boat" a bit, but the truth is the place was a sad dump and needed quite a lot of rocking. I hope that at the least some of your spirit will be here to stay. 

    The fact that when finally someone steps up to get things moving the institution turns against him. It's the fallacy of this place and one day will be its downfall.

    All I can say is thanks for everything you've done so far and also set in motion. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I'm also happy to lobby on your behalf, but it's been my experience that postdocs have are about equally respected as the fire hydrant that is in the kitchen.

    Take care,


  • 7:19pm

    Subject: Re: Would you be PI for Parsons Lab's Incubator Fund proposal?
    From: Harry Hemond
    Date: April 11, 2018 at 10:23:01 AM EDT
    To: Ed Carlevale


    I had hoped to reply earlier but waited for two reasons-firstly I was not at MIT on Monday, and secondly I feel that the primary guidance for space usage should be from the younger faculty members who can anticipate decades of future use of bldg 48. I would need to determine the extent to which they and I are on similar 'wavelengths' before taking a role that would have an outsize influence on the future of the building.

    Your energy and initiative have resulted in many improvements to bldg 48, and are appreciated. I look forward to continuing dialog on how best to maximize the utility and appearance of the building.

    ps tnx for your notes re Becca.