• Colette heald March 28, 2018 ("Dear Ed, The tone and content of this email are inapprpriate.") raises important issues regarding transparency, advocacy for women, and conflict resolution.

    Tags conflict resolution; transparency; women's issues
  • Despite claims to the contrary, Administrative Officer Angela Mickunas bullied the staff of CEE Headquarters, with the enabling support of Department Head Markus Buehler and Personnel Manager Bori Stoyanova.

    Tags bully; enabling behavior; gaslighting; projection
  • "If it is determined that you have been disruptive..." CEE singularly offensive termination notice.

    Tags termination notice
  • A Poster representing MIT's dysfunction as the gateway to dystopia.

  • Tags CEE-Parsons Web development; Sustainability-Incubator Fund; women's issues
  • One of the most toxic aspects of CEE Headquarters actions is to misrepresent actions that are ....

    Tags character; courtesy; kindness
  • An account of my 15 months as Building Manager at the Parsons Lab in the Departent of Civil and Environmental Engineering, which ended in accusations of cyberstalking and threatening behavior that had its basis in actions by CEE leadership and two Parsons Lab faculty.

    Tags Angela Mickunas; Bori Stoyanova; Colette Heald; Jesse Kroll; Markus Buehler